Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Well hello, it's nice to meet you
For the first and millionth time.
(Should I hug him straight away? Hard to say.)

How are you? How do you do?
Isn't the weather divine?
(Should I shake his hand? Hell, I know him too well.)

Erm, yes, so what now?
Now that we're here, I mean.
(I'm subtly trying to see if he's looking at me...)

You really are - wow,
As good as you could have been...
(It drives me round the bend that this stranger is my friend.)

- this half was added by a friend of mine, it's in keeping with the style and structure so I thought I'd shove that up here too ;) -

Good morning, was the trip alright?
You're looking rather well
(Does she want a hug straight away, or should I wait)

I'm doing great thanks, I've been up all night!
The weather's simply swell
(Will a kiss on the hand seem strange, or too keen?)

What's say we find a diner
Maybe grab a bite to eat?
(I hope she doesn't care or notice how I stare)

I knew you were excellent, but you're finer
Than I thought anyone could be
(My God, I feel a flush... I hope she can't see me blush)

Saturday, 5 May 2007


Champ the three-legged granny-napping dog
Hangs round the nursing home.
He steals the lady pensioners
Like most dogs steal a bone.
He buries them in his back yard,
Their heads above the ground,
And there they'll stay until the day
Those grandmothers get found.

Champ the three-legged baby-saving dog
Will run headfirst through flames;
Mortal peril, falling walls,
He treats them just like games.
And when he's saved those babies,
He isn't even burned.
But they withhold his prize of gold
Till those grannies get returned.

Champ the three-legged solent-swimming dog
Can brave the fiercest storm
To make it to the Isle of Wight
(The place where he was born).
He could battle sharks and ferries
And he wouldn't even tire,
He travels the seas when not stealing grannies
Or saving babies from the fire.

Champ the three-legged superhero dog
Leaps kennels in one bound.
He flies faster than a speeding bullet,
He beats the speed of sound.
He has super x-ray MeatVision,
He wins in every fight,
He breaks down doors with his bare paws.
But his weakness is Marmite.
(It's like his Kryptonite.)

Champ the three-legged wonder dog
Is going to the vet's,
Where many dogs before him
Have become neutered pets.
I think he's lost his powers,
Although he looks quite fine,
They held him down and went to town
And now Champ's a normal canine.
My totally normal, un-super, powerless,
Granny-napping, baby-saving, solent-swimming friend.
The End.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Counting the seconds

Counting the seconds
Quickens my breath,
Longing for freedom,
For life after death.
Losing the moment
In keeping the dream,
Counting the seconds
I silence the scream.
I gaze at the heavens
From which I fell...
Screw it, this poem's
As emo as hell.


Chaos has spoken:
"The system is broken.
Corrupt and hollow
Is the law that you follow,
Yet words like evil imply
A judge you deny.
Oh, the loopholes I find
In the maze of your mind!"

He's happy, that much is easy to see,
He rubs butterfly wings together with glee,
And laughs in delight at the storm it creates,
The Chaos and Panic (the two are old mates).

"You think that you're good when you're really seditious!
You call others 'hypocrites' (that's just delicious)!
It is all such fun!
I love it. Well done.
The system is broken."
Chaos has spoken.

Starving African Kids

It's criminal, you know, the way we live,
With our ipods and mobiles and stuff.
More food and more clothes, how can we forgive
Wanting more when we've got quite enough!

When you're in bed tonight and you close your eyelids,
I want you to see Starving African Kids.
Starving African Kids! Think of them every day,
They'd be glad for the meals that you've thrown away!
So donate stuff to Oxfam, that's what I did,
To save the life of some African kid.
They're skinny, and naked, and covered with flies,
Can't you see the pain in their puppy-dog eyes?
You're used to hearing appeals and alerts,
But I want you to give, and to give till it hurts!

If I don't walk the talk then I'm not being fair,
But I've done it all. This is how much I care:

I sold my computer, my car and my phone,
Donated my clothes and remortgaged my home,
Cut back on food to see how the live.
There's nothing I had that I did not give!

I'm hungry, I'm homeless, I wish I was dead,
But not one starving African have I seen fed...

I left her there

How can I have dreamed it,
That great, sparkling sea
As if littered with diamonds
Created in ... me?

You say I imagined
That primeval wood
Creeping with horrors,
I don't see how I could...

The sight and the scent of that
Forest still lingers,
My face brushed by branches
Like dead men's fingers,
And the full moon sang
As they so often do,
And you're trying to tell me
That none of it's true?

Somewhere to explore,
Somewhere we can fly,
We went there together,
My sister and I.

I felt that cold ocean,
It tickled my skin,
It soaked her and numbed her
When she waded in.

I heard the wind howling,
So don't you dare
Say I was just dreaming -
I left her there.

Lest we forget

Shut up, shuttup, I'm trying to make a point!
Just wish I could remember what it is.
Erm -
Anyway, I care very deeply about -
About whatever it is, and
I will NOT tolerate complacency!
We must FIGHT for -
Uh -
This Thing, and ensure that it doesn't slip through the cracks.
The fate of the world could well depend
On - on -
Escapes me right at this -
But what was I -
Err -
Yes -


I'm over him

I don't think about him at all any more.
Why, just the other day,
I told my friend how I don't think of him -
But she just laughed and turned away.

I don't think about him at all any more,
I barely remember his name,
Or the colour of his eyes or the warmth of his smile
Or the way we always thought the same.

I don't think about him at all any more.
I wonder, does he think of me?
Or has he forgotten me, like I have him,
Erased me from his memory?

I don't think about him at all any more,
I'm busy with more crucial things,
Like money, and TV, and that gorgeous song
That his friend's younger brother's friend sings.

I hardly think of him at all any more,
I'm over him; totally fine!
No, I don't think about him at all any more.
Well, except for most of the time.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


I can't sleep tonight;
I haven't tried.
There's a pain in my head
And now the time on my laptop ticks to two,
And I should be asleep,
But I'm busy reading poetry
Which spills over into this.