Sunday, 24 June 2007

I see girls

Yes, this really is pretty much all I can draw.

Saturday, 16 June 2007


My words are more hollow than the thoughts that follow
With texture and colour and sound,
They simply dissolve into problems to solve
And ideas that keep hanging around.

I wish I could deal with something more real,
But I don't think it's in me to tell
Of the problems we meet, all patterned and neat,
And gift-wrapped for someone to sell.

Why does the clutter cause me to stutter,
To think and to fumble and fall?
Why does the chaos threaten to sway us
Why do I bother at all...

I finally see I should just let it be,
Thoughts are too hard to tie down.
Love, fear, and pain are too hard to explain,
But if I don't try I might drown.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


I've looked outside at 3am, and in the street I've seen
The boys and girls with makeup smudged they call the Inbetween.
Between the dusk and dawn they rise, between the light and shade,
And when the sunlight comes, the line will slowly start to fade.

I've looked into the eyes of one and asked him what they mean
When I hear them call themselves "Neglected Inbetween".
Between being accepted and cast out into the night,
They walk away from darkness but they fear the burning light.

One told me when I asked him why his whole life, he has been
Difficult to understand, and always Inbetween.
Between his friends and family, between the bright and dim,
The only place he could belong was with those just like him.

He walked on by, rejoining the never-ending line
Between the night and sunrise, every face set just like mine.
And every tree and road and sky took on a twilight sheen
That night I left my life behind and joined the Inbetween.


Qualities I want to have: depth and warmth and dignity
Independence, peace and love, a pure and true integrity
A giving kind and caring heart, generous and good,
And honesty. I'd love to be this person if I could.