Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Naked computing

Few things are better than naked computing,
The laptop a-warming your thighs.
But though I'm a stranger,
I'll warn you of danger
Resulting in agonised cries:

It may start off pleasantly warm,
But it doesn't continue the same.
So if you are rudus,
And surf the web nudus,
Your legs may both burst into flame.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

This poem contains an oppressive love.

I know you love me.

I don't think you'll ever hurt me
Or let me come to harm
So worried for my safety
That you won't release my arm.

You swore I could be safe with you,
Inside a gilded cage
But something Hyde's inside you
A dark and bitter
Rage at how I've spoken
You snapped and left me broken
But there's something you've awoken, in me.

So please step back from me,
Get out from underneath my
Skin. Respect me please,
Stop asking where I've
Been and where I'm going
And what time I'll come home
I am a grown woman,
Please leave me alone.
Please leave me alone.

I'm glad I had to hurt you to safely get away
You tried to make me stay, but
That was the day that I'd made up my mind.
Stabbed from behind.

Left you dying, never mind.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

missing you

I try each night to dream of you,
I wish I could control
The images that haunt my sleep,
But absence takes its toll.

I forget your hand in mine
And how it makes me feel
I wonder what your smile looks like,
I wonder if you're real.

I'm counting down the days, sweetheart,
Until I'm by your side
Until my heart swells once again
With tenderness and pride.

We have to be apart for now,
I wish that I knew why.
Until we meet again, my love,
My darling, please don't cry.

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Do you like my face, sweetie?
Do you like my shape?
Or do you miss the days when
I was young and lovely.

I was slim and pretty once,
Fair of form and face
Graceful, and your lover once,
You shivered when you touched me.

Old and haggard am I now.
Time has claimed its own.
Still you hold my hand, sweetie.
Why, I've never known.