Sunday, 18 November 2007

Astral darks

I longed to believe that there's good in everyone.
But every chance I gave you
Every time I forgave, forgot
You did it again
Worse every time
Bitterness, anger and lies.
You never spoke a pure and true word
It was poison, it was dark
Alien to me

I'm far from jaded.
It takes more than you to break me.

I still wait to hear that you've changed
Don't know if you ever will
But it's there
An open door
And if you walk through it,
I'll be standing there

Thursday, 8 November 2007


The world all wants the world to know their name
And everyone's just got themselves to blame
For all those forgotten faces
In those hazy distant places, like next door,
No-one knows their neighbours any more.

But sometimes fairy-lights litter the town,
The flyers go up and the walls all fall down
We dance to the rhythm,
All grudges forgiven, for the night
The festival feels so right.

That carnival culture that sweeps the streets
Gets everyone out, out and up on their feet
Each stranger is a friend,
Nobody wants it to end, but it must
Even the best things come to dust.

And maybe you'll get a curious glance
From a face you remember from some drunken dance
Unknown without the mask,
You're afraid to ask, and what for?
No-one knows their neighbours any more.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

This uni work is making me feel a lot like Sisyphus. Every time I feel like I'm getting somewhere, that rock just rolls right the way back down again... blargh.

Interesting thing of the day: bicycle sex is against the law, apparently. Strange world we live in.