Friday, 5 November 2010

Alphabetical polygons

A likes B
but B likes C
(and has a boyfriend anyway, poor A).
C likes D
and D likes E,
and E... well, I think he likes me.

E is hot. I really would,
but F's not over him. Well, good,
because I'm still not over G,
and I live with F, you see.

Tonight I might have upset D.
'cause E was cuddled up to me
And I can't turn a hug away.
(Oh. H was there; her ex is A.)

I'm sure it's not too hard to see
Why this is all too much for me.
I'm tempted to walk out; forget
The whole perplexing alphabet.

Well. I hope I've made it clear.
I'm simply wishing U were here.