Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Another untitled loss poem.

I waited up for you again,
Another night. You never came
To brush away the tears, and I
So seldom cry

but that's a lie I have to tell.
I've tried, and learned, to hide it well,
To push aside the pain and fear.
You're still not here

to pull me near and comfort me,
And that's how it will always be.
I can't take back a single day,
And that's the way

it is, they say. Perhaps it's true.
They tell me what I ought to do:
It's time to shed these grievances.
Perhaps it is.

Perhaps it is.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Facebook Anthem

Hey so GUESS WHAT! My housemate Ben and I wrote a song! And then we sang it! I played ukulele! He played guitar! Arthur held the microphone, it was MENTAL. (Shush, I'm overexcited.) Anyhow, because you're all so lovely and whatnot, here it is: the Facebook Anthem.