Monday, 12 April 2010

Dear Spring

Dear Spring,
Thank you for the flowers.
I had a great day yesterday, the sunshine lasted hours!
And I got to share it with you,
That's what made it great.
You did your normal thing of showing up a little late -
You know, every year I wonder
If you're going to come at all.
The others show up right on time - Winter, Summer, Fall;
But with you it's always different,
You like to keep us guessing,
And before we know you're there you've got the pretty girls undressing!
It's something in your nature,
The quintessential tease,
You tempt the song from songbirds, entice blossom to the trees.
And Spring, what makes it special
Is there's just no way to know
What you'll be like when you get here, and how long before you go.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Beast Below

Based on the Doctor Who episode of the same name. Best skip it if you haven seen ep. 2 yet, it's quite spoilery.

A disappointed face he wears,
To tell you to behave.
A demon's grimace sometimes stares
And bears you to your grave.
The final face, polite and gay,
The one you best recall;
The face that makes it seem ok,
And that's the worst of all.

Nowhere can we hide from it,
The Smilers' silhouette,
Who curses us with knowledge but
Permits us to forget.

And that's the power of our fear.
Amidst the lively throng
We all make sure we'll never hear
The whale's song.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


It puzzles me.
How can she be
So close to what I was?
A single voice
Of broken choice.
I'm scared for her because
I fought so long,
And went so wrong,
And she could stumble too.
And worst of all,
If she should fall,
I'd think our nightmares true.

Like me, she sees
The sky-wrapped trees
And wonders what they mean.
Like her, I saw
An open door
That promised things unseen.
And from her lips
And fingertips
I hear the words I'd use
To speak my fears,
And joy, and tears.
I think we share a muse.

(Crossposted on my main blog, and the reason I'm restarting this one.)

A new heart

I wish I had new eyes to see
The things I knew of old,
New eyes to find the hidden things
That we were never told.

I wish I had new ears to hear
The sweetest song of birds.
New ears to hear the secrets, that
We bury deep in words.

I wish I had a brand new heart,
Untried, untested, true -
A heart unsullied by the world
To love the world anew.