Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Drawn on my trusty bamboo tablet! I'm falling in love with it.

Friday, 18 July 2008

A little fuzzy person!


Friday, 4 July 2008

Who are you?

Tell me darling, who are you?
With those eyes so ocean-blue
You look at me and see right through
Tell me darling, who are you?

Who are you, what's your name?
Do you really feel the same?
If you share my joy and shame,
Who are you?

You look so familiar
And you know that I'm afraid
I didn't try to tell ya
But you heard what I never said,
That I am scared.

Tell me stranger, who are you?
I don't think I ever knew
So please tell me, tell me true
Perfect stranger, who are you?

Who are you, how'd you know
That I'll break if I'm let go?
You still hold me tightly, so
Who are you?


My truth is swept up in twisters,
It breaks into blisters
Sisters and brothers
Whisper to others.
Mothers turn listless.

Restless I wander and weave,
Can't leave this burnt bruised and broken
Token of truth.
The snake drags her skin
Only memories in -
Where she's been,
What she's seen,
Withered white dead skin in favour of green.

My truth is lost in dry dirt,
Buried in hurt
My nails split from digging
Blood on my shirt
Tears in my eyes
The skies full of grey clouds that never break.
For heaven's sake and mine,
RAIN this time!

Accomplished young lady

I can read and speak half a dozen different languages,
Dance and sing and play the piano
I can paint and clean and I'm good at making sandwiches,
I'm quite an accomplished young lady you know.

I'm neat and sweet and admirably taciturn,
Some rich bachelor will fall in love with me.
I'm good at crotchet and never speaking out of turn,
I'm quite the example of how girls should be.

I'm graceful, beautiful, but blessed with sweet propriety,
Modesty turns my cheeks a gentle rose.
I say my prayers as examples of my piety,
And I'm merciful to all the worst of my foes.

I can read and speak half a dozen different languages,
But as I'm just a woman my talent merely languishes,
Far be it from me to speak of all my anguishes
But I'm quite an accomplished young lady, you know.

A new song

My heart's been broken and reformed,
I lift my scars up to the Lord,
I need a new one,
I need a new one.

The old praise doesn't sound sincere,
It just rings hollow in my ear.
I'll sing a new song.
I'll sing a new song.

And these thousand days when you've felt so distant,
I thought you died but I hope you didn't,
I've walked the road and I think I'm different now...

Whatever you want from me,
I need to be strong now
I have to be strong.
Whatever you ask of me,
I want to come home now
God let me come home