Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Just two

I'm a stranger in a strange land
All I want to do
Is take you by the hand,
Lead you through
This world of high demand.
Even you,
A blessing so unplanned,
Can be so true
So meant to be. And,
You're changing me too -
I write your name in sand.
I'm something new.
My heart that bears your brand
Finally flew.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


When she asked how my father was,
She was suddenly very apologetic,
Horrified at what she'd done.

I brushed it aside.
For a second I'd forgotten too,
But there it was again,
Hot in my head
Swollen in my throat
The strange and unpleasant thought-
Unspeakable, and so often unspoken.

I thought it would get easier,
But grief becomes silent, and thus forgotten.
Until you hear their name
Hear a joke they'd love
See a dog fall over, something silly.
And you can't tell them.
Something's broken and now you can't tell them.

Monday, 3 March 2008


hail falls from nowhere
I'm glad for my umbrella
braced against the wind.

daffodils drooping
over-eager hints of spring
look disappointed.

the path is half-white
pavements crunching underfoot
the hail melts to slush.

moments later, sun.
the roads sparkle with puddles
I look up, and smile.