Friday, 25 January 2008


You melt away before my fingertips,
Your lips are mist
I think of this and miss your tender kiss
That sense of bliss and joy, me and my boy.

I failed the test; I bailed.
Just let me rest, it's best to draw the veil
In some warm nest, a safe haven,
Hidden from the wailing raven
That seems to haunt my dreams with hateful screams.

But I'll be strong. There's nothing wrong in running for the prize,
Your priceless eyes, that play the song
Of sweet surprise.
I won't be long.
The silence dies.

And once again, so soft, unplanned,
I'll touch your hand
In some sweet green land...

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


And now I can't have you.
I've reached and I've loved
And still I can't touch you
I've prayed and I've sworn
That I'll always be yours
But I'm torn from your side

By forces beyond my and now I can't have you

Friday, 11 January 2008


It's times like this I wish we could talk
(eye to eye,
hand in hand,
face to face.)
But once again
I'm here alone
Eyes screwed shut,
Pretending I can feel you lying beside me.
Imagining your warmth, your voice.
Every thought a longing.
And I know that the moment
You hear how I miss you
You want to be by my side.
(Heart to heart,
truth to truth,
skin on skin.)
Science or magic,
I know that I'm yours,
And I long for the day we can be
Hand on heart,
life of love
soul in skin.


It was early in the morning, when I
(Quite without a warning)
Felt an understanding dawning like the rising of the sun.
And I suddenly was seeing just how
Servanthood is freeing
And how doing it and being it could actually be fun!
And I wasn't just resigned,
But favourably inclined
To the fact that we're designed not to live for number one.
It was God himself who spoke,
But my concentration broke,
And when I re-awoke, my new epiphany was done.

Lost on the boundary

I'm looking to my Lord,
And nothing's any clearer.
Ineffable as ever,
But still I'm one step nearer.
At least, I think I'm getting there,
As hope replaces deep despair...

A God who claims to hear a
Voice cry in the wilderness,
I think that voice is me.
Lost on the boundary of understanding.


Your heartbeat
Warm, strong drumbeat
Soft loud bloodbeat
Safe and clear.
Your heartbeat
Steady pulsebeat
Silent thudbeat
Felt so near.
Fewer questions that your eyes have,
More focus than your hands,
More restful than your ever-moving mind.
No demand, no attention,
Just quiet and feel it now.


Do you remember what you told me
The first time we ever met,
That your best days were behind you
And I hadn't had mine yet?
But now I've heard your stories
About what you've seen and done.
I envy you those memories,
For mine might never come.

You know as well as I do
They could call time tonight.
Our only chance to steal this dance
Could fall into the night.

Remember what I told you
That winter, by the bay,
That we should take things slowly
So we don't get swept away?
I'm not sure I believe that,
And I've fallen pretty hard.
If things went wrong between us,
There's no doubt that I'd be scarred.

You know as well as I do
It's too late to turn around.
We've jumped and now we're flying,
Will we ever hit the ground?