Friday, 16 February 2007


The men act all romantic 'coz they think it makes me soft,
But I can be a badass without clothes like Lara Croft.
I'm not here for your enjoyment,
I don't want to play that game.
You say I'm something special,
Tell me this, then, what's my name?

You're a sad little man.
Just sad.
I say it 'coz I can.

So you're acting all tough now, you think I'll be impressed.
You'll flex your bulging biceps, and then, what? I'll get undressed?!
Don't you wish it was that easy,
Don't I wish that you were queer.
I just want a conversation and to -
Honey, sunshine. My eyes are up here. Eye contact.

You're a sad little man.
How sad.
Am I ruining your plan?

Don't bother buying a drink, ok? It's been done to the point of fatigue.
See ya, gnome, I'm going home, 'coz let's face it, I'm out of your league.

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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Artivism 3

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Complete with breakdown, just in case you care.

Rhyme pattern : Beat emphasis : Stressed beats : Total beats:

A:2:4:8: I saw you stumble, saw you fall;
A:2:4:8: But what hurt me the most of all
B:2:5:10: Was knowing you remembered what you'd lost.
C:2:5:8: And all the pain and grief you show,
C:2:4:8: I swear I'm feeling every blow.
B:2:5:10: I'll help you up again, forget the cost.

D:2:4:8: No sign of change, a year went by.
D:2:4:8: My tears for you would drain me dry,
E:2:5:10: I'd stay up hours to try and pray you through.
F:2:4:8: My hope would hurt too much to lose,
F:2:4:8: But give up? I just couldn't choose.
E:2:5:10: I wished that there was something I could do.

G:2:4:8: But something changed, I don't know how,
G:2:4:8: And you're back on the right track now!
H:2:5:10: He's healing all the damage day by day.
C:2:4:8: And though there's still some way to go,
C:2:4:8: God bless you, boy, by now I know
H:2:5:10: You're stronger and more constant in His way.

Other People

- Heard from the roof in the evening -

I hear these other people
And other people's wives
In other people's houses
Living other people's lives.

Their dogs are barking,
Their lights are on,
Their clocks will keep ticking when I am gone.

I listen, and I hear
That hanging in the trees
Another person's wind chime
Is chiming in the breeze.


I trusted God to make the right call,
But this isn't what I expected at all...
The marks of my sin just can't be ignored
When the shadowman stands there with fire in his sword.
Light gleams off his darkness and burns through my soul,
Dissecting, inspecting

Yet leaving me whole.
A cross round my neck that was not there before
Had appeared, and that's all that the shadowman saw.
I think of my saviour and call on his name,
And the cross shines brighter than the sword's flame.

Now I see clear in the light of my Lord,
No shade of the shadowman or of his sword
A man softly speaks when he catches my eye:
"If he won't condemn you, then neither will I."


Not suitable for children, probably. I mean, I don't know, it really is about a vampire. But it might not be. Um.

I've seen you before,
And I think more and more
That you're different in some way exciting.
Your class and your style
Get to me in a while,
Your deep, warm voice so inviting.

It's a walk in the park,
It's a smile after dark,
It's just the right look in your eye.
The right time, the right place,
The moonlight on your face,
Maybe it's the right time to try.

I make the first move,
But you seem keen to prove
That you want to be in control.
I don't know why,
But it's no good to try
To summon the will that you stole.

You're so gorgeous it scares me,
So intense it tears me,
Should I run and never look back?
There's something not right here.
It shouldn't be night here,
Your kiss feels like an attack.

Passion consumes me,
My love for you dooms me,
You're flawless, but never nice.
I don't try to hide
When I see that inside
You're nothing but poison and ice.

This feels so wrong,
Your arms are too strong,
I can't break away from your hold.
You love me, you take me,
You kiss me and break me,
And now all I feel is the cold.

Do Not Remember Me

Do not remember me when I must leave,
When I've walked the steps of my last living day.
It would break my heart to witness you grieve,
I would want to wipe each of your tears clean away.
So now that the sun of my lifetime has set,
And I wander barefoot in that heavenly glade,
I pray all the swifter for you to forget,
Your pain to soon pass, and your memories fade.
If I've left no legacy to you,
To remember me by now I'm dearly departed,
Have no regret that my years were too few;
For now I've gone home, and I'm just getting started.

Shifting Ground

What happened to the girl I used to be?
I painted the world in black and white.
With an unshakeable policy -
That wrong is wrong and right is right.

But my certainty has faded now,
Lost in the abyss somehow.
Unsure, unsound, I live each day,
In half-beliefs and shades of grey.

I've been compromised by a world of standards
Different from my own, and changing every day.
Is it any wonder that it's all been reduced
To opinions, acceptance, and shades of grey.

Ok, you say, it may be true.
You'll listen and respect my view,
But you won't change your mind at the end of the day,
'Coz you're happy with uncertainty and subtle shades of grey.


Essence of sunbeam, oil of love, half a chestnut, one old glove.
Boil until the moon goes red, then add a flea (be sure it's dead).
Wear a silly pointy hat, cackle madly, add a bat.
(By which, I mean the cricket things, not some high-pitched rat with wings.)
By now, if you've done what I said, the stuff should froth and turn bright red.
And so you'll have the perfect brew...
Love and glove and bat flea stew.

Manic Lullabye: Part 2

I woke up from my fearsome dream,
And yelled, in an almighty scream,
“Where is my kipper? Oh my word,
The fish has turned into a bird!”
Leaving its cage, the kipper flew
Straight down Manic Avenue,
And flew into a rusty bike
(Or a park bench, if you like).
This bike - or bench, I don’t mind which -
Threw my kipper in the ditch.

The kipper-fish, whose name was Bob,
Turned into a gooey blob.
I swallowed it (for I had run
After my kipper when it done
That thing, you know, that thing it did),
And then the park bench ran and hid.
(Or wheeled, if, as I suppose,
The bicycle your favour shows.)
Fed up of this crazy tale,
I visited inside a whale.

And Jonah there, inside the belly
Of the whale, (both damp and smelly,
The whale, that is, and Jonah too,
He couldn’t leave to - well, you know.)
So anyway, our Jonah lad
Was pleased to see me, oh, so glad.
The whale too, the happy boy,
Puked up on the beach through joy.
(An experience, I’ll make it plain,
I never hope to have again.)

At this point, I bade him farewell,
For I had heard the dinner bell.
And, in the canteen of the school,
I landed in the swimming pool.
The diving teachers, doing flips,
Were soaking all the students’ chips.
Bored of this noisy, tiresome place,
I jumped and landed on my face
Among the mermaids, on the sand,
In a crazy water-land.

The mermaids, though, were dull and slow,
So I told them I had to go.
So I swam up to get some air -
Just to find it wasn’t there!
Just water, from the ocean floor,
Continuing for evermore!
At this point I began to fret.
Five minutes without breathing yet.
At this point, oh, for goodness’ sake,
I felt myself begin to wake.

My mother said, “Oh darling, please
Lay off of all the late-night cheese!”

The Goblin King

(Warning: a bit creepy. Not suitable for kids, probably.)

Underneath the forest,
In ancient, broken halls,
On a throne of gold and bone
The Goblin King now calls:

“Goblins, goblins, take your knives.
Kill their children, rape their wives.
Burn their houses, steal their bread;
Leave them changeling-childs instead.”

Hamlets, towns and cities
Have felt the bitter sting
Of armies of black goblins
Gathered round to sing:

“Goblins, goblins, take your knives.
Kill their children, rape their wives.
Burn their crops and cattle too,
Since there’s nothing else to do.”

The king left his cavern home
Deep under the ground
To reign upon the surface-land
When he heard this sound:

“Goblins, goblins, take your knives.
Kill their children, rape their wives.
Own the world and all they love,
Come to rule the land above.”


I went back to where it started,
And all that I found there
Was a fragment of a promise that was floating on the air.

My heart back then was open,
I had my future planned,
But all I have is silence now, and daisies in my hand.

The sun won't shine as brightly now,
For clouds are all around.
Staring down in silence, as the rain falls on the ground.

I don't really mind the waiting,
Though it's hard to be alone.
But I still believe with all my soul that one day you'll come home.

All I have as proof that I have waited on the sand
Is a fragment of a promise and a daisy in my hand.


You say you've changed, I think I see
You're not the boy you used to be.
I love you now, as I loved you then,
But you'll never be that child again.
Sometimes, still, I see you there
With shining eyes and tousled hair
But you've grown up, and you've moved on,
A part of you forever gone.

Why I call you my brother you still don't know,
But I've known you, and loved you, and watched you grow.
I know you better than before;
There's no way I could love you more.
But - please don't take this as a slur -
I'll always miss the boy you were.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Every moment when I'm with him
And I'm trying not to touch him
But I'm waiting for the second when he might just look my way,
When I'd jump and run a mile
For a half-glimpse of his smile
When his eyes become my universe and mine just fade to grey,
When I'm getting slightly bolder
So I lean upon his shoulder
And he takes me in his arms (and so I'm not exactly spurned),
And there's something in me screaming
'Coz I know I'm only dreaming
And you ask me what the problem is? Just this: it's unreturned.


"It's dangerous out there", he whispered in my ear
"Full of threat and fear,
You're better off in here."

"I'll keep you safe forever", and he locked up the door.
"Eternity", he swore,
"Ten thousand years and more."

"Feel free", he said, as he threw away the key
"Feel but don't be,
You don't want to be free."

I whispered gentle thanks, and tightly gripped the bars.
I sang up at the stars,
And ignored the passing cars.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Pussycat Ladies

Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was a person of moral fortitude and character like me?
Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was intelligent and engaging lady like me?

Don'tcha? Don'tcha...

Monday, 12 February 2007

A Mistake

He reminded me of you, it took me by surprise.
Now I'm thinking of you and trying to remember
Remember the colour of your eyes.

I know I lost touch with you, I guess that was my choice,
But I can't shake the feeling that I need to remember
Remember the soft tone of your voice.

So long ago, so far away, I saw you spotlit noon-bright day.
So fast it passed, so hard to say why you left me where I lay.
Your cymbal eyes so bright and clear, your stronger hand was ever near,
And yet I feel a freezing fear to think of how you left me here.
With all my might I fell on you, I held my breath and fell right through.
I didn't know what else to do but wish your every promise true.

But every memory rekindles sharp-fresh pain,
Now I know why I tried so hard to forget you,
Forget you and be cleansed by summer rain.

I can't quite get the courage to say that last goodbye.
Of course, I know the smart thing is simply to leave my
Leave my feelings for you where they lie.

My Hallelujah

You walked this path for many years
Through laughter, anger, peace and tears
You remember all the storms and how they blew you
You walk with me, and take my hand
And tell me that you understand
And in reply I sigh a Hallelujah


I've had my doubts, I've asked for proof
But all you offered was the truth
You don't like to make it easy, do you
But every time I hear your voice
I feel my heart and mind rejoice
My soul becomes ablaze with Hallelujah


I try to climb the silver stair
Begging you to meet me there
I need to know that I mean something to you
I lay beneath the starry skies
And lift my desperate, searching eyes
Reaching out to you with Hallelujah


And years from now, I'll hear this song
And realise how I had it wrong
Remember how the moonlight shone right through you
A ghost of love, a silent scream
A broken vow, an empty dream
I'll hear the echoes of my hallelujah


Or maybe then I'll know your grace
Maybe I'll have seen your face
And realise that I always really knew you
I'll know your name, I'll feel your love
When finally I'm home above
And singing with the angels, "Hallelujah!"



Knock the ground from under me,
Why don't you? Won't you please
Say you think I'm nothing
And force me to my knees.

So ready to accuse me,
So quick to place the blame
Just to try and cover that
You're guilty of the same.

But I'm done putting up with that,
You don't know, never will,
How I fought the good fight,
And how I'm fighting still.

Every insult that you throw
Drives you further underground,
Every word condemns you to the
Black merry-go-round

I promise you won't like it when
For all eternity,
You're sick and sad and spinning
And unable to blame me.


You're bored and you're busy
Alone in the crowd.
Locked in a box
With the music on loud.
You're sad but you're smiling,
Cigarette in your hand.
So let's get you out,
Come run on the sand!
We could swim, we could fly,
Or just lie in the sun.
We could sing, we could dance,
We could play and have fun.
We could laugh till it hurts us,
Throw our fears away.
Love every moment,
And live for today.
I'd do anything
To set you free,
To see you happy
And smiling at me.
But you have decided
You won't be allowed.
So you're locked in your box
With the music on loud.


Please, don't talk about tomorrow.
You know it'll only scare me.
Let's talk about yesterday instead, and the bits we've already had of today.

The sky was a miserable grey.
I was slightly tired all day.
I didn't enjoy yesterday,
And I've had the same problems today.
(And also a mild headache that just won't go away.)

But don't ask me about tomorrow,
I haven't made any plans
Except for the ones I don't think I can do after all.

I've got so many things left to do,
Some of them quite overdue.
But then, they were yesterday too.

I ask

A hundred things and more besides
I ask of him and he provides.
He removes the bitter sting
Of life and yet this one thing
I'm pleading for with all my heart -
That you and I won't stay apart -
I fear the Lord just cannot do,
For the decision lies with you.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Opposite sides

Could it be that this time
I've really got it wrong again
Could it be you never
Really understood
Was all this a dream,
Some white-washed mistake
Do you think we'll recover
Well I don't see how we could

So here we are again,
Looking in each other's eyes
Loving each other
From opposite sides.
Here we are again,
Still looking around
And finding no trace of
Common ground,
No common ground.

Could it be that dreams and doubts
Can both come true at once
Could it be that we were
Aimed here from the start
I should have listened to me
When I said this would happen
A thoroughbred disaster
For my poor pathetic heart


It's time to say goodbye,
I go left
You go right
I run towards to the sunrise
You walk into the night.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


The bell struck noon
And the tower shook,
The sound unfolded like an opening book.
I took a breath
And though my heart still beat,
The whole world glittered, in that empty street
Where old crisp packets
And dead leaves flutter
As they twinkle and dance in the wet grey gutter.
And my eyes were alive
With a hope and a song
And a truth that could never, should never be wrong.
But then the chimes ended
And the earth still turned,
All that is real and normal returned.
But still, it's awoken
The light they despise;
The holy of holies behind my brown eyes.

Friday, 2 February 2007

Alone: ending 2

It seemed to her that in the whole wide world, there was nobody living or breathing but herself, and that even her one life was one too many.

The next morning, Naomi woke up shivering. James had presumably left for work already. She got up, and went downstairs to do something useful with herself.

It was as she stood at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes from last night's home-cooked meal, that she started to get a vague feeling that she had forgotten something. A dream last night... but she couldn't remember what... She had been married to James for two years now. She thought about the night he proposed, at Dielle's, and how happy she had been, but )if she was brutally honest) the romance had long since died. James' job meant that he worked very long hours, and wasn't around much; usually leaving Naomi at home by herself all day.

As she dried the plates, she thought about how much she missed work. In fact it seemed like she hadn't really seen anyone since she quit, and that was months ago...

Ah well. If the dream's that important, she reasoned, it would come back to her. She put away the glasses, and went to get the vacuum cleaner and wait for James' return.