Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Baby bird

Don't give up on me just yet.
Baby birds can't fly from birth,
You know,
And I am learning.

Every feather quivers, when I shiver in whatever weather wuthers round my mother while she feeds me and my brothers.
I want to wing it with her but my withered wings can't cover all beloved winds I covet
- Like a lover I would love it - but I'm not capable of it.
May I never see another day
May mother take my wings away
If I don't learn to play the wind
So don't give up on me just yet
I swear I'm learning


  1. I wanted to comment on this when I first read it but Blogger apparently hates me and takes great pride in making me weep and hit my head on things and stuff.

    Anyway, I really like this, sounds like it needs to be a song.


  2. I love this. In my head I can hear Craig Charles reciting it.