Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Three poems

I learned to walk the tightrope
With ghost feet.
Walking the line on cold toes
From up here you all look like gods
Like warm legends
Blooded and brilliant.
At least I can keep an eye on you all
And at least I don't f

~ ~ ~

Live happy ever after, somewhere far away from me,
Somewhere you can love each other well and I won't have to see.
I'm sorry this is bitter but I'm trying to be kind,
'Cause even though she has your heart I know I'm on your mind.

I know I'm on your mind the same way you're always on mine.
I don't read too much into how you text me all the time
But you make your feelings clear with every single thing you say,
So go live happy ever after, somewhere far away.

~ ~ ~
Are pretty terrible.
Yes they are.
They may look cool in theory
But in practise they are a bit gross
And frizzy.
I'm really sorry guys.
Don't be offended
I think you're awesome
But I am so excited about the day you eventually cut them off.
Other hairstyles are available
And infinitely more caressable.


  1. I like the second one, particularly.

    And dreadlocks look ace but are disgusting in actuality, it's true.

  2. Thanks! I like that one too. Are you more a fan of stuff that sticks to a form? I can't decide. I think I'll keep writing both.

  3. I like rhymes with recognisable form, which sometimes seems unsophisticated but I just like the way it sounds when spoken aloud. I also find it difficult to write (or read) verse that doesn't follow a rule of some sort as it can end up seeming like sentences just strung together for the sake of it, sometimes.